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Welcome to The Balanced Lady Boss Show resources page where we provide you with different tools to support your success without stress journey. The podcast is designed exclusively for boss ladies who are ready to break free from the exhaustion and monotony of being perpetually worn out. If you're seeking innovative strategies to hack time and rediscover your long-lost bliss, then you've arrived at the perfect destination.
At The Balanced Lady Boss Show, our mission is to empower professional women to live, love, and lead in a holistic manner. We believe that true success lies in achieving harmony and avoiding the treacherous pitfalls of overwhelm and burnout. I'm your host, Stacey Hines, and I'm thrilled to share my personal journey of transformation from a frazzled entrepreneur to a well-balanced boss.
Join me as I uncover invaluable insights, practical tips, and a wealth of resources that have been instrumental in helping me break free from the relentless hamster wheel of work. Together, we'll unlock the secrets to reclaiming time for self-love, cultivating peace of mind, and injecting an abundance of fun into our lives, all while attaining unprecedented levels of success.
Are you ready to embrace a life that transcends exhaustion and fosters an unwavering sense of fulfillment? Then use these resources to help you, and let's embark on this transformative journey together. Get ready to unleash your inner boss and create a harmonious existence that you've always deserved.

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Inside This Book You'll Learn To:

⚡ Strategically let go of productivity habits that hurt your wellbeing and compromise your overall peace of mind!

⚡ Identify and embrace your authentic self so that you can cultivate the courage to step fully into the career and life you ultimately want!

⚡ Get clarity on what you want and how to design intentional thinking to allow you to create from a place of non-judgement!

⚡ Create results driven routines that keep you sane and healthy without the pushing and forcing of traditional "work hard" models!

⚡ Determine where you are energetically and how this is affecting your ability to experience the lifestyle that you want!


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